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Investment Loans Whether you’re a seasoned investor with an established property portfolio or looking to purchase your first investment property, we are here to help.

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For New Property Investors…

You may already know that equity in your current home can increase your wealth substantially.

Here’s how it works…

With the money you’ve already paid on your existing home loan you can release some of the equity you’ve built up as a deposit on purchasing an investment property…
Which means that you could get the benefits of capital appreciation if the value of the property rises while the tenants who live in the property assist to pay the loan repayments.
There are also other benefits by having a well-structured investment property portfolio.

Tax reductions- Spending money on this property (e.g. through rates, insurance or maintenance) may be subject to tax deductions.
Constant returns -By renting out your property, you could have constant returns in the form of rent. This could mean that the property will ‘pay itself off.’

At Clark Financial Group we can do a full finance audit to see how investing in property can potentially benefit your financial situation now and in the future

For Seasoned Investors

You already know that little shifts in Interest Rates and Interest Only options can make a huge difference in your portfolio.
Now are you sure you have the best Mortgage Solution? Would you like a review of what is currently available and a cost benefit analysis, then please contact us at your convenience.

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