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New Home Loans So, you’re thinking of buying a new home?

New Home Loans

Is your expanding family or now the kids have finally moved out or you like to be closer to work?

Tree change / Sea Change / City Change

Buying another home when you already own the one you currently live in, means you need to consider which process works best for you…

  • Sell then Buy?
  • Buy then Sell?
  • Buy then rent out your current home as an investment property

Each of these requires pre-planning and organisation…

  • Is a bridging loan required if the new home settles before my current home?
  • How do I apply for a new home loan when I am still paying for my current one?
  • If I then rent out my current home does the home loan I already have change?

We aim to facilitate a hassle-free transition to your new home by fully understanding your plans and financial position. Then, researching all the options that are available to you, managing you through the transition process and provide the best mortgage package in the future.

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